It’s Building Character!

Maybe you’re wondering why I chose ‘It’s Building Character…’ for the name of my blog? Well, it’s because of this little guy here! Every once in a while my husband will say in reply to my kids complaining about something, “It builds character”. He’s joking around of course. So for example… My finger has a scratch and there are no bandaids, “It’s ok, it builds character.”

Well… one day my 8 year old son who has autism came home scripting (repeating to himself) about his day. I will change the name of Elijah’s fellow classmate to John to protect the innocent. I heard him repeating over and over. “I helped John wash his face. My teacher said, it’s not nice to wash our friend’s faces”. So I interjected and said, “Elijah, did John ask you to help him wash his face”. He replied with a cheeky grin, “Well mom, it’s building character!”. We had a long talk about being nice to our friends and how our friends can wash their own faces. Then I laughed about his response later.

It felt like the perfect title for my blog as I feel like everyday is helping build my character. I particularly remind myself of this frequently throughout the day when my kids throw eggs out the window, decide to make the house snow with baby powder, or throw a tantrum because I gave them a blue cup instead of the green cup. I have reminded myself this throughout all seasons of life when life has not made sense. Some seasons are more character building than others. Those seasons seem to be the most difficult but produce the most growth. So what character building experiences are you experiencing today? I am currently watching my children get dressed up in snow gear for a snow that I have told them is not coming. Now my youngest son, Moses, is yelling at the top of his lungs on repeat, “Why isn’t it snowing? “. Meanwhile my daughter is praying, “Please God, make it snow. please make Moses’ dreams come true!” Take a deep breath…it’s building Character!

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