Freedom and Uncertainty

For the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about the Israelites during the exodus.  There have been many messages on the Israelites lack of trust in God’s faithfulness and I have often pondered it myself.  How could you doubt God after having seen him part the red sea, protect you by a pillar of smoke/fire or feed you with bread from the sky?  God had gone above and beyond what they could have imagined as slaves in Egypt. God wanted to free them and had freed them. They hadn’t reached their destination but God had set them free and they were being guided to there promise land.  Why would they ask to go back to a place of slavery, a place that they were so desperate to leave?

Maybe they weren’t desperate to go back to slavery but maybe they craved familiarity, stability, and certainty.  FREEDOM meant a lack of certainty, it was unfamiliar territory and most likely felt unstable at times. They didn’t have a home and they didn’t know when they would feel settled.   They had seen God’s faithfulness but they were uncertain the FREEDOM was worth the cost. They were doubting whether God’s promises were worth it, whether God’s best was truly the best.

Have you ever found yourself in that place?  Have you ever wondered if your journey to FREEDOM is worth the uncertainty and unfamiliarity? I know I have.  FREEDOM doesn’t always happen instantaneously and we will always need freedom as part of God’s refining. FREEDOM is hard and we can become overwhelmed by the hard rather than God’s faithfulness.  The challenge is to remain thankful to God in the process and to worship Him for the victories we have seen and the victories we have yet to see

There was a really unhealthy season I found myself in years ago and when I found my way out of that season, there was a relief.  However, the journey to FREEDOM and forgiveness was long. There was a choice that I had to make, I had to truly let go of that season even though there were many times I would reminisce about the good aspects of that season.  In some ways, I wanted to go back to what had been familiar for years because there was a level of certainty but I knew that God’s plan for me was greater than what that season had provided. Even though there are some aspects of that season that at times make me sad and frustrated, I am proud to be on the other side of that season.  The season of FREEDOM and healing that followed has helped me grow into who I am today. There is no way I would want to go back to that season or wish that I was still in it. The FREEDOM I experienced and the seasons that have followed are far better than any loss that I had felt. 

FREEDOM is worth the uncertainty that you may be facing.  It is worth the uprooting you may be experiencing. Ultimately you will get to the other side and you will confidently be able to say, I am so glad that I chose freedom over immediate certainty.  Your journey is not by accident and God has a plan and His plans are good.