So glad you are here! This blog was born out of a desire to share everyday life. I will share the highlights as well as the messy. I don’t know about you, but my life has a lot of messy. I am a perfectionist working to embrace beauty in the chaos and craziness of life. Is there anyone else that can relate?

Life very rarely goes as I plan and seldom lives up to the perfection I imagine. My house gets messy, my kids will choose McDonalds over my home cooked meals everyday and I often get frustrated with my kids which is followed by the guilty feeling of not quite measuring up.

This blog is about seeing the beauty in the messy and the beauty in the refinement of our own journeys. I promise that you will always get authenticity here. My life is a lot of funny followed by frustration, happiness, and sometimes scary or sad. I hope that you enjoy reading and laughing along with me (most of time) through the everyday ups and downs of life.

P.S. LITERALLY as I am writing this, I am interrogating my oldest son, who has white powder all over his shirt and is licking his lips.

Me: What is on your shirt? E: I don’t know Me: What have you been eating? E: Nothing Me: Is that flour? E: No Me: Is that Sugar? E: No Me: Is it Powdered Sugar? E: Yes, I have been eating powder.

He is eating powdered sugar by the HANDFULS guys! I guess it is time for me to go…

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